Brit Powell, Creative Director
Raised in Belgium until the age of 7, I was introduced to authentic living as a young girl.  It quickly became apparent to me that big box stores do not actually run the world and that a lifestyle of ingenuity is my passion.
In the 21st century, entrepreneurial ambitions are squashed by the inability to compete with corporations and institutional monstrosities.  As creative director of Zoë Des Rêves, I am here to tell you that small businesses can still thrive in today’s economy; your ideas are valid and they will be made possible.
At Zoë Des Rêves, we give your project the oomph it needs to rise above the crowd.  Our collection of business packages and À La Carte services will provide your small businesses with the perfectly curated plan of attack.
Besides working to creatively improve small businesses in Toronto, our team possesses a plethora of artistic skills such as photography, blogging, and copywriting, which can be freelanced upon request.  Past projects include magazine feature spreads, e-commerce photography, family portraits, fashion media, and blogging for businesses.
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